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Important Considerations When Choosing a Cabinet Refinishing Contractor
When you are considering a cabinet refinishing project, you will have fewer decisions to make than you would if you were renovating a whole room. Choosing a reputable company with the right experience and qualifications will help alleviate some of your concerns. Here are some important considerations when choosing a refinishing contractor:

To begin refinishing your cabinets, you will need to strip off the old finish, and then prepare the wood to receive a new coat of paint. A quality refinishing contractor will carefully tape off all surfaces to minimize mess, and the refinished cabinet will be almost like new. A traditional painter will likely charge less than a refinishing professional, but you will have to be careful about the quality of the painting job.

When refinishing your cabinets, you will need to replace the hardware as well as the finish. This procedure involves stripping the old finish using chemical solvents or hand sanding. Then, you’ll need to apply the new finish. If you’re not up for a complete remodel, cabinet refinishing is a practical and affordable option. In addition to giving your kitchen a new look, it will save you a lot of money over installing new cabinets.

Refinishing your cabinets will cost you a few thousand dollars. However, if you are familiar with DIY projects, it could be a good project to complete on your own. You’ll also need to have a dedicated space to work. If you have the space and expertise, refinishing can cost between $7,000 and $12,000, depending on how much you want to spend. It will also depend on whether you want the project to be custom, or just want to give your cabinets a new look.

Another option is to have the cabinets refinished with a shellac finish. The shellac finish protects the wood from moisture and stains, and it also provides a beautiful, semi-transparent finish. The cost of shellac refinishing varies from $250 to $400 per project, depending on the style and size of the kitchen. You can save a considerable amount of money by choosing this option if you want to keep the original look of your cabinets.

Refacing, meanwhile, involves refinishing the cabinet front, while leaving the box unchanged. Refacing can be a great way to give your kitchen a new look, without spending a ton of money. This method is perfect for those who want to save money but don’t want to replace their cabinets, but don’t want to spend that much. Moreover, it costs about half of the price of cabinet replacement. You should note, though, that refacing doesn’t necessarily solve the underlying problems of your cabinets.

DIY projects can take three to five days, and can take anywhere from thirty to fifty hours. Despite the time required, the end result of a DIY cabinet refinishing project is not a functional kitchen. DIY projects can require 2 weeks of after-hours work, and you’ll likely end up with a more affordable solution than a costly, high-end refacing project. You can also opt for a cabinet refinishing service if you are remodeling a kitchen or a full-scale interior design project.

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